publications & texts

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           it's Basic Elements, Representative of the Thüringen Federal State by the German Government, Bonn 1997 (publication)
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Thomas von Taschitzki: Sings Created as Pictures/To the Exhibition "Disputatio" from Johannes Senf, Johannes Senf,
           Disputatio, Kunstraum Kempen, Kramer City Museum at the Kulturforum Franziskanerkloster,
           Kempen 1999 (publication)
Dr. Sabine Schütz: In the Reservation of the Signs, to the Work of Johannes Senf in the Kunstverein Oerlinghausen,
           Johannes Senf, In the Beginning God Created the Heaven and the Earth, Kunstverein Oerlinghausen in the old
           Synagogue, Oerlinghausen 2001 (catalogue ISBN 3-00-06998-4)
Dr. Doris Schumacher: Johannes Senf, Gleimii et Amicorum an exhibition for the "Gleim Jubilee" in Halberstadt, 2003
Artist Buttons II, museums of the city council Lüdenscheid, collection of the gallery of the city council, Lüdenscheid 2003 (catalogue ISBN 3-929614-48-0)
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Dr. Marion Méndes: God Spoke: The Lightning is on Heaven's Arch, to Differenciate Between Day and Night, thus to Become
           Signs for the Ebb and Flow of Tides, so for Days and Years, …", Halle/Saale 2007 (publication)
Michael Siebenbrodt: "The Holy Ground Ilmathen", Weimar 2007
Achim Zöller: "cura anima – cura corporis", Seligenstadt 2009
Tomasz Strug: "In the Beginning God Created the Heaven and the Earth", Johannes Senf, Cracow 2010


ere: Everyone Has There Own Hand, Thüringer Tageblatt, Weimar, 9.19.1981
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ue: Curtain with Shoe Polish, Westfälischer-Anzeiger, Bochum 5.15.1987
gvj: Stimulus Satiation was Complete, Ruhr-Nachrichten, Bochum 5.18.1987
Jürgen Boebers: Axe Stroke + Feather Storm, Westfälischer-Anzeiger, Bochum 5.18.1987
rfj: Johannes Senf is showing, Rhein-Sieg-Rundschau, Siegburg, 3.19.1993
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rfj: Wake Up from a Dream ..., Rhein-Sieg-Anzeiger, Bonn/Siegburg 3.20./21.1993
Nadja Kulnig: I Investigate and Compare Geometric Shapes from Signs Founded in Abstract Human Communication,
           Cologne 1996
Nadja Kulnig: Clear Abstraction or Mythical Remains, Ten Years After, Köln-Deutzer Werft, Cologne 1997
Jürgen Kisters: Deutzer Shipyard, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, Köln 10.28.1997
Jürgen Kisters: Air Sovereignty, Lively Waves in Deutz, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, Köln 11.17.1998
Heiner Deckers: An Imaginary Meeting of the Five World Religions, Johannes Senf Create the Kunstraum at the Kulturforum,
           Rheinische Post, Düsseldorf 11.27.1999
Ulrich Hermanns: The World Religions as Abstract Sings, The New "Kunstraum" at the Kulturforum is Presenting "Disputatio"
          of Johannes Senf from Cologne, Westdeutsche Zeitung, Krefeld 11.27.1999
stz: The World Religions in a Dialogue, Stadt Spiegel Kempen Grefrath Tönisforst, Krefeld 12.1.1999
Angela Pontzen: The Visitors Creates a Bridge to the World Religions, Exhibition "Disputatio" is now opened at the Kunstraum
           Kempen, Niederrhein Nachrichten, Tönisvorst 12.1.1999
wih: At Kartäuserhof "Five in a Room", Kölnische Rundschau, Cologne 8.11.2000
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           Heaven and the Earth", Westfalen-Blatt, Biedlefeld 1.12.2001
ans: The Speaking of the Signs, Johannes Senf in the former Synagogue, Lippische Landeszeitung, Detmold 1.15.2001
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           Old Synagogue, Lippe Aktuell, Detmold 1.20.2001
ela: Works of Johannes Senf in the Gallery Kunsthof Halberstadt, Hälberstädter Volksstimme, Halberstadt 12.6.2003
Henryk Goldberg: Wound and Healing, Exhibiton Hall Erfurt: Rememberance on the Holy Oaks from Boniface to Beuys,
           Thüringer Allgemeine, Erfurt 11.9.2004
Bärbel Roick: Nature Project full of Symbols, "From Boniface to Beuys" – gallery of the city council Erfurt present Art Position
           Dealing with the Holy Oaks, Ostthüringer Zeitung, Löbichau 11.9.2004
From Boniface to Beuys, in Dealing with Holy Oaks, Kultur-Kanal, München 9.2004
Memorial Concentration Camp Langenstein-Zwieberge Review of tue Year 2004, Schafenster, Halberstadt 2.1.2005
rd: The Gallery of the City Council Shows Works of Art Following the Traditions of tue Patron,
           Thüringer Allgemeine, Weimar 24.2.2007
Gallery of the City Council Weimar – Harry Graf Kessler Begins tue New Exhibitions Year wich an Experimental Show,
          Town Hall Kurier, Gazette of the City Council Weimar, Weimar 18th Year Issues No 4, 2007
MZ: Hebrew Sings in Holy Colour, Mitteldeutsche Zeitung/Anhalt Kurier, Halle 20.3.2007
tlz: Sings for tue Eras, Thüringische Landeszeitung, Weimar 20.7.2007
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C. Weltz: A Colgner in Weimar (Photo), Thüringer Allgemeine, Weimar 30.7.2007
AA/sch: To Have the View Over the Known History The Work of Johannes Senf in the Gallery of the City Council,
           Allgemeiner Anzeiger, Weimar 15.8.2007
"The Holy Ground Ilmathen", Town Hall Kurier, Gazette of the City Council Weimar, Weimar 18th Year Issues No 14, 2007
Peter-Alexander Fiedler: Signs for Weimar‘s Five Epochs, Thüringische Landeszeitung, Weimar 21.7.2007
mho: Signs of the Main World Religions Illuminated on White Background, Offenbacher-Post, Offenbach 29.5.2009
Signs, Collage and Paintings, Der Kurier, Seligenstadt 3.6.2009

other mediums

Johannes Senf Signs, Cologne 2000 (web site)
Johannes Senf Signs, Cologne 2000 (cd-rom)
Germany Commemorates on tue Victims of the National Socialism, Mitteldeutsche Broadcasting Station, MDR aktuell,
           Current Event's, Halle 27.1.2004
Report, Ran-Zeitnah, ZEFS GmbH Köthen Broadcasting Station, Köthen 22.3.2007

personal texts

exhibition project "Copper", Felten & Guilleaume PLC Cologne, Cologne 1996
exhibition project "Former Synagogue" Oerlinghausen, Wittlich, Erfurt, Schwabach, Cologne 1997
exhibition project "Gallery Blüthner", Old Town Hall Leipzig, Cologne 1997
exhibition project "Old People‘s Home P 1", Riehler old people‘s home Cologne, Cologne 1997
exhibition project "Ten Years After", Köln-Deutzer Ships Yard Cologne, Cologne 1997
exhibition project "Genio Huius Loci", Weimar 1999 European Cultural City, Cologne 1997
exhibition project "Genio Huius Loci 2", Weimar 1999 European Cultural City, Cologne 1997
exhibition project "Glass and its Basic Elements", Representative of the Thuringia Federal State by the German Government
           Bonn, Cologne 1997
exhibition project "Signs as Release", 12th International Photo Scene Cologne, FACO photo lab Cologne, Cologne 1997
exhibition project "Cura", Gothaer House of the Insurance History, Cologne 1998
exhibition project "Disputatio", Art Space Kempen in the Kramer city museum Kempen, Cologne 1998
exhibition project "Home Sweet Home", Salon Art and Tertulias/Second Sunday Cologne, Cologne 1998
exhibition project "Vis Et Motus", Exhibition Space Fuhrwerkswaage Cologne, Cologne 1998
exhibition project "Between Yesterday and Tomorrow", The German Library Museum of Book- and Writing Art Leipzig,
           Cologne 1998
exhibition project "Johnny the Second", Kunstwerk Cologne, Cologne 1998
exhibition project "Digital World of Pictures", Kreissparkasse Recklinghausen, Cologne 1999
exhibition project "Tabula In Qua Depictus Est Orbis Terrarum", palace museum Palace Friedenstein Gotha, Cologne 1999
exhibition project "Rivet and Screw", museum Würth Künzelsau, Cologne 1999
exhibition project "Otto von Geuericke", Stadtparkasse Magdeburg, Cologne 1999
exhibition project "Trinitas", LutherHaus Eisenach, Cologne 1999
exhibition project "From Quartzsand to Lens", museum of the city council Göhre Jena, Cologne 1999
exhibition project "Off to Brauweiler", Regional Federation of Rhineland Brauweiler Abby, Cologne 2000
exhibition project "Sacred Ground of Ilmathens" (H. Graf Kessler), Gallery of the City Council – Henry van de Velde Weimar,
           Cologne 2000
exhibition project "Space: Real – Abstract – Imaginary", Art Space Kartäuserhof Cologne, Cologne 2000
exhibition project "Time Sings – Epidemics and Plagues – A Fatal Circulation" Kunstverein Hürt, Cologne 2001
exhibition project "Imperium", Museum Ludwig at the Deutschherrenhaus Koblenz, Cologne 2001
exhibition project "Daidalos and Ikaros", State Museum Schwerin, Cologne 2001
exhibition project "The Death is a Master from Germany, His Eye is Blue..." (P. Celan), Memorial Concentration Camp
           Buchenwald and Mittelbau Dora, Cologne 2001
exhibition project "Former Synagog Glockengasse", Stages of Cologne, Opera, Cologne 2002
exhibition project "Gleimii Et Amicorum", Kunstverein Halberstadt, Cologne 2002
exhibition project "The Death is a Master from Germany, His Eye is Blue..." (P. Celan), Memorial Concentration Camp
           Langenstein-Zwieberge, Cologne 2003
exhibition project "rumEIern", Artspace Püscheid, Cologne 2003
exhibition project "One Who Trust in God Builds Well", Kunstverein Halberstadt, Cologne 2003
exhibition project "Boniface The Apostle of the Germans", gallery of the city council Erfurt, Cologne 2003
exhibition project "One Who Trust in God Builds Well", regional museum Seligenstadt, Cologne 2003
exhibition project "The Death is a Master from Germany, His Eye is Blue..." (P. Celan), NS Memorial of the City of Cologne
           EL-DE House, Cologne 2003
exhibition project "What One Proccesses in Black and White, can be Carried Home with Confidence" (J. W. v. Goethe),
           Pavillion-Presse Weimar, Cologne 2004
exhibition project "Global Player", Comptoir-Kunstmagazin, gallery of the city council Sonneberg, Cologne 2005
exhibition project "Lucri Bonus Odor Ex Re Qualibet" (Vespasisan), Postbank Finance Consultancy Office Cologne,
           Düsseldorf, Bonn, Leverkusen, Cologne 2007
exhibition project "Cura Anima – Cura Corporis", regional museum Seligenstadt, Cologne 2007
exhibition project "The Beauty of the Usfulness", Experimental House am Horn, Bauhaus-Museum, Cologne 2008
exhibition project "Then Silence and Fragance and the Garden of Bliss" (56. Sure), German Federal Garden Show 2009
           Schwerin, Cologne 2008

exhibition project "In the Beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth", Galizia Jewish Museum Cracow, Cologne 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       stand September 2011